Our products

Prints & Printing

We make prints of any size and on any medium. From small to non-standard format, the Muzéo print shop offers almost unlimited possibilities.

An integrated craft

At Muzéo, most of what we produce passes through the "Print" stage. This innovative technique, little recognised in the field of high-end production, has become our strength. It is with a view to controlling the development of the colourimetry and calibration of print profiles in order to achieve a result in line with the aims of every project that Muzéo has chosen to integrate these advanced technologies.

Unlimited possibilities

We make prints of any size and on any medium. Our large format UV printer enables us to make exceptionally large prints of dimensions up to several times ten meters. Our graphic designers turn small format models into large mural frescoes to offer ever more innovative concepts.

Rigid media

A wide range of rigid mounts including PVC, aluminium dibond, plexi, glass and mirrors, wood, laminate and ceramic.

Flexible media

We also offer printing on flexible materials such as coated fabric, wallpaper, paper art, curtains and net curtains, blinds, carpet, awnings, door coatings and adhesives.

The multiplicity of offers available to our clients comes with the guarantee of the expertise and skill of our teams. (Many leading artists have entrusted us with their production requirements.)