CSR Commitments

At Muzéo

we pay particular attention to…

Customer Service

This means listening to your expectations, understanding your needs and meeting your requirements with elegance.

Courage and commitment

This means being determined and completely involved in everyday activity: setting goals, having the perseverance to fulfil them, making decisions when necessary, with everyone at their respective levels meeting their commitments.


This means knowing how to question ourselves, bringing intelligence and innovative solutions to every project.

Listening and respect

This means integrating all our collective differences. That is recognising the value and point of view of everyone and their contribution to achieving the goals of Muzéo.

Trust in the team

This means being an active part of the team while relying on the expertise of each other. It also involves putting the collective interest before individual interest.

A passion for art

This means sharing art and its uses, and revealing our heritage.

The humanist values of our company

The running of our company is based on ethical laws guaranteeing dialogue and respect among the various participants, in our internal relationships as well as those with our clients. Muzéo undertakes to respect laws protecting its direct partners to ensure the security and well-being of all.


Muzéo does not tolerate any form of discrimination, whether direct or indirect, racial, social, sexual or of any other form. Our company is committed to enhancing the vitality of everyone within a tolerant environment. Thus, all cultural, religious and individual differences are accepted in Muzéo among both clients and employees. This is why recruiting is done in a diversified manner and remuneration is the same for men and women.

It also is important that employees and clients feel at ease within the premises. The company is committed to making its building a neutral place where no community would feel rejected.

Employee security

Muzéo strives to ensure the security of its employees, both morally and physically.The company is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all employees. Muzéo has its own installation team and much of the work is done the traditional way. Thus, employees are provided with quality equipment in order to limit the number of accidents related to professional activity.

Furthermore, in accordance with the law on occupational medical care, Muzéo has its own doctor to avoid any deterioration of the health of employees due to their professional activity.

As regards harassment, in whatever way it may be expressed, sexual or moral, this is condemned. In the event of any of our employees detecting such a situation, it is their duty to denounce it, and so alert others to the situations of psychological and/or physical distress and fragility that may result.

Balance between work and private life

To preserve the life balance of its staff, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the company, Muzéo is committed to respecting the private lives of its employees.

Performance recognition

The cohesion of the team is one of the main values of Muzéo, with respect and attention to the individual, whether employee or client, being the cornerstone of our development. The company is able to recognise the work of each employee and the value of their effort. Therefore Muzéo is committed to paying employees fairly, rewarding them for a job well done.

Training and career support

To ensure a high quality of service, the company is committed to training its employees, especially in manual and artistic fields. To ensure the employability of its employees and the company's representation in the public sphere, Muzéo respects the Right to Individual Training by providing regular supplementary training for its employees. In addition, all apprentices are accompanied by tutors who follow their progress.

Similarly, in order to give trainees a taste for the world of the company, Muzéo provides a friendly atmosphere for them to progress within and pays them, while also giving them, in accordance with the law, a training certificate when they leave. Finally, at Muzéo, the use of fixed-term, temporary and part-time contracts is extremely rare, as these are not in line with the philosophy of stability according to which the company runs. 

Respect of fundamental texts

In line with its values and its philosophy, based on sharing around a common passion, Muzéo undertakes to respect the following fundamental texts:

The principles of the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights
The principles of the Labour Code
Our relations with trading partners


Trust is necessary for the quality of work undertaken and the establishment of lasting relationships with our clients and partners. As a result, Muzéo is committed to protecting the anonymity of clients and employees who so wish, through a secure computer data base.

Intellectual property

Muzéo is a company that works almost exclusively with image banks, artists and cultural institutions, making the management of rights a priority. Therefore Muzéo guarantees the intellectual property of its partners.s.

In light of the values that are its own, and out of respect for art and heritage, Muzéo undertakes to respect all rights to drawings, models, patents and know-how. Nothing of fraudulent provenance or for which the rights were not purchased, will be used.

Compliance with rules regarding competition

Anti-competitive practices are prohibited and Muzéo undertakes to respect such laws in all the countries where the company operates and never to agree on prices with a competitor, even a friendly one.

Action against corruption and money laundering

Muzéo is a company that works ethically: corruption is therefore not tolerated by the company.Similarly, Muzéo agrees to use only financial flows of certified provenance. The company refuses to use capital from illegal activities in accordance with the values that are its own and in the respect of the law.

Our relationships with our suppliers

  • Suppliers sharing the same values - Purchases made by the company are primarily from suppliers that share its beliefs. Thus, as soon as the opportunity presents itself to the company, Muzéo always favours a supplier with a strong environmental commitment.
  • Diversity of suppliers - The company is committed to working with various suppliers in order to avoid economic dependency. Respecting its commitments on the labour market, Muzéo pays fees owed to its partners within a period of 45 days.
  • Longevity of relationships - Muzéo is committed to building lasting relationships with partners based on the trust and respect of both parties.
Our struggle for sustainable development and respect of the environment

Respect of the environment is an attitude that is inherent to the "Muzéo spirit". The company strives to develop its sector of activity and the trades that this comprises in a spirit of respect for the environment and available resources. Consequently, this issue is at the heart of the company’s everyday events and actions.

The environmental approach at the heart of our projects

Muzéo is committed to making respect for the environment one of the major approaches in its development. To this end, each new project is conceived and carried out in compliance with these values.

Environmental awareness

Muzéo prioritizes collaboration with companies that share its environmental convictions. Therefore, in order to strengthen its commitment, the company strives to increase everyday awareness, both among its employees and its clients.

Preservation of natural resources

At Muzéo, preservation of natural resources is achieved through attention to a range of everyday details. The company carefully monitors the movements of its employees and promotes public transport; only recyclable inks are used.

Water and electricity

As a result of its activity, the annual consumption of Muzéo is likely to be high. This is why the company is committed to being vigilant as regards its water and energy consumption through regular monitoring.

Waste and recycling

The company's production activity generates considerable waste and offcuts of various materials (including wood, cardboard and glass). This is why the company is committed to recycling all waste, wherever possible. All offcuts and used ink cartridges are kept and reused to reduce the amount of waste. Similarly, Muzéo provides its employees with the means for sorting waste.


To the extent of its ability and within its scope, Muzéo works for the preservation of biodiversity. Thus, the company has adapted its choice of raw materials by promoting the use of sustainable products such as wood instead of plastic for framing.