Design, creative research and development, printing, manufacturing, artist commissions, installation…

Art consultancy

Expert advice on the artistic directions of projects of all sizes, with research, curating, commissioning of artworks and specification of entire control books.

Project management

From the initial briefing to installation, an A to Z of follow-ups of all the customer's needs.

Creative studio

A state-of-the-art creative universe. A team always in motion to develop artworks ahead (and independent) of trends.

Printing workshop

Prints in every format and material. Mastering all existing printing techniques to turn creative proposals into reality. Always keeping at the cutting edge of technology.

Manufacturing workshop & installation

Framing, cutting, mounting, painting and all the final touches for each artwork. Ensuring the smallest details are followed through, all the way to the installation on site.


The excellence of Muzéo’s products is recognised by the EPV label.

Today, "Made in France" and "handmade" are labels that have become rare and are the mark of Muzéo's high standards, quality and values. This is why with us each artwork, each item is assembled by hand by a team of specialised craftsmen.

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