Influence - A monumental fresco to celebrate great men

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Nothing stops Muzéo !

Nothing stops Muzéo. For the project at Influence, the head office of the Ile-de-France regional council, our designers took up the challenge of creating an enormous fresco in record time, thereby demonstrating our skill in producing bespoke artworks.

It was an immense challenge: the creation and the realization of a monumental fresco to adorn Influence, the new head office of the Ile-de-France regional council, located in Saint-Ouen. And we did it! In just two months our design studio succeeded in delivering a creation that will bring the building to life. Built by Nexity and then bought by Tishman Speyer, Influence’s ambition was to spotlight those who work daily for the region. It was as a studio able to produce and manufacture bespoke artworks that Muzéo was approached to work on this project. The company’s task was to create a strong impact, making this building the symbol of the new Ile-de-France region. Its perimeter of action was limited to the entrance hall and the gaming room, an area where staff can relax. 

Muzéo’s creative team thus designed a fresco measuring 5 x 10 m for the hall and 16 x 5 m for the corridor. The main difficulty was the backing for the work: a structure of battens to be covered, requiring a great deal of precision and dexterity in the cutting out of the fresco. Vinyl adhesive was preferred here, over canvas, since it is more long-lasting and suited to the type of backing. All the materials used were produced by Muzéo in record time. The creative proposal was validated in December and the team delivered its works on 18th January 2018. This ambitious project is now enjoyed by staff, regional stakeholders and professional in the sector. 

A production of monumental scale 

Starting from a creation inspired by the colour world of the artist Basquiat, the project turned towards a more feminine and poetic creation, imagined by the designers at Muzéo, with the idea of having a graphic representation of great men, scaled to the size of the building.  Particular care was taken with the reading of this fresco, which can be enjoyed both from the outside and the inside. Installation of the work required the attention of the whole of the Muzéo production team. The battens necessitated an extremely detailed puzzle of wedging and sticking. The covering of an unexpected ventilation grid required specifically the drilling of 10,200 holes with a scalpel (representing 15 hours’ work) to avoid breaks in the overall surface! Thirty-two strips were cut out, using a special Laser printer for adhesive vinyl materials. These strips were stuck in one piece to the wooden slats and cut flush for the backing. For this project Muzéo worked directly with the developer Tishman Speyer, with no decorator/architect intermediary. The brief resulted in no less than fifteen proposals and a lot of explanations from Muzéo artwork consultants to explain to neophytes the essence of their artistic approach. This latest creation has shown itself to be equal to the objective set by the building’s tenant (Ile-de-France region), that is to show the scale of a territorial project through an outsize artistic creation. Wow factor guaranteed! There can be no doubt that our designers have risen perfectly to the challenge...


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