When offices reveal a company’s DNA ….

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
When offices reveal a company's DNA...

At a time when the service industry is increasingly interested in art, Muzéo has created for JLL in London inspired urban frescos that embody the group’s image.

Using decoration as a vehicle for expression enables companies to speak out and communicate externally their values and culture. To define a message to mark their uniqueness they can use brand platform or else draw on the creative inspiration of artists. The JLL consultancy office chose to do the latter when it decided to work with Muzéo, fully integrated bespoke artwork design studio. Based on the client’s recommendations and a precise analysis of its characteristics, Muzéo graphic designers submitted their suggestions to JLL staff with creative images and proposal to use bespoke fresco produced in our studio.

Inspiration and light-heartedness were the two themes that guided the work done by our artists in the group’s London offices. Across 570m2 of walls, on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors of the building, the team has developed an ultra-modern urban theme, borrowing from both street art and English culture, distilling references to London’s iconic buildings as much as to local customs (rain, in this case!). The company’s identity and values are expressed with a play on overlapping images, most with double meaning and all reflecting a certain poetry. The aim was to create emotion and arouse reactions. Gone is consensus; the firm stance of this unusual images is to challenge visitors and staff members alike, providing topics of  conversation in the building’s common areas.  

The concept of artwork as a generator of links between all staff, across all generations, is one of Muzéo’s strong principles. Each individual client is given its own graphic style and the creative proposal best suited to its DNA. Integration, notably of the brand’s codes, such as the “brush effect”, which underlines its human dimension, its reference colours (red, black) and materials (steel and concrete), was an integral part of the initial brief. Ordered by the designer of professional spaces, Tetris Bluu, for JLL’s second largest building, this creation represents the company’s positioning on its market: that of an inventor of the offices of the future. 

The rationale of co-creation 

To implement this project, Muzéo preferred the collaborative method, allowing all staff a voice. This transition from idea to full-size projection is a fundamental stage in the creative process. Here, freedom of tone and daring, which are so specific to the English market, liberated the imagination of the creative team. 

Titled "workplace", the approach promoted by the company aims to consolidate employee team spirit and commitment within a professional setting transformed into a living space.

Fully part of the trend towards well-being at work, the Muzéo team has brought the white walls of the offices to life, transforming them into panoramic wallpaper that speak and can be interpreted in a multitude of different ways. The whole spirit of the workplace is translated through these images, and a welcoming atmosphere dominates in the new areas of togetherness, adapted as much to staff relaxation as to informal brainstorming meetings and visitor welcome. These offices, as reinvented by Muzéo, are now a showcase for JLL. It is a concept that is set to be copied in two other office areas used by the company in London, a sign that art has a rightful place in the tertiary sector and can give meaning to our offices. 


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