Our work

Artwork Consulting

Muzéo recreates an atmosphere, developing a space with custom designs to bring places to life with images. Our sales consultants bring their expertise to your projects.

Artwork consulting and research

Through partnerships with leading cultural institutions, Muzéo selects the finest images and aids clients in making their choices. Everything is done to ensure that our clients become the co-authors of a narrative and not mere spectators.

Set design and staging of spaces

Muzéo recreates an atmosphere by staging a space. Thus through the printing of images on various media and the scenography of a space, each of our productions provides a place with a theme and makes it memorable.

Knowledge of materials and their constraints

Muzéo uses its knowledge to offer the most suitable customized productions and to guide clients among the multitude of available materials (rigid, flexible, digital, etc...)

Project management and compliance with budgetary constraints

For complete and rigorous creative
and technical support.

Given the knowledge and experience we have acquired for over ten years, architects, decorators and direct clients recognize the precision and the expertise offered by our team. Refining the artistic ideas and orientations of each client, our team finds the ideal framework and presentation.