Our work

Creative studio

Diverse expertise, from graphic design to rights management, to bring places to life with images

A studio with diverse expertise

Designers, set designers, interior designers, graphic designers and iconographers, coming from the best art schools (Ecole Duperré, Fine Arts, ENSAD, Olivier de Serre, Ecole du Louvre) offer ever changing artistic solutions to each client's specific environment.

Partnerships with leading cultural institutions

Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with major cultural institutions such as the National Library of France and National Museums, as well as with many imagebanks, our studio has access to the finest image ressources.

Creating a concept

Our creative team provides clients with iconographic editorial selections or "mood boards", which present images on various media (such as flexible or rigid, dibond, plexiglass, aluminium, curtains, blinds, ceramics or canvas). Several options may be considered so that the client can choose the one best suited to their needs and the narrative they want to put forward.

Adapting our cultural heritage

Our image studio also provides expertise in the creation and construction of images. In all, this comprises a team of twelve employees who combine boldness and commitment to offer personal creations, whether in the field of photography, painting or screen printing. Our desire is to bring contemporary history to art while always respecting the cultural heritage.

Our creative department works on developing avant-garde productions inspired by emblematic works as well as personal creations that can bring new life to any space. Muzéo remains ever alert to new trends and keeps ahead of the times.