For a unique wall decoration, Muzeo proposes a variety of wallpaper supports which can adapt to all your needs. We can print images, patterns, photos and artwork reproductions up to a length of 3,10m to create an outstanding interior.

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Stretched canvas

We print visuals onto stretched canvas and mount them on PVC or aluminium supports. This technique can be used to cover ceilings and create grandiose compositions and continuous designs for any ceiling.

Framed canvas

Our reproductions of paintings, images and photos on canvas can also be stretched over a wooden chassis and installed on your ceiling. Our atelier creates made to measure frames and offers you a choice of over 6000 styles of frame.

Ceiling frame

Our partners allow us to reproduce a range of artworks and photographs to decorate your ceilings with frames that will fit perfectly in your space. Our variety of framing techniques, created in our parisian atelier, allow us to produce results ranging from the more traditional to the contemporary.

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Mirror and glass

Working with glass incorporates the effects of light into the creation of a unique environment. Our digital printing system on glass allows us to print images, photos, reproductions and original artwork directly onto the glass to exploit its forms and reflections.

Acoustic board

Our acoustic panels with customised prints have a 2 in 1 function. This acoustic solution blocks noise pollution whilst simultaneously proposing a strong graphic visual that will improve the quality of life within a public space. Our different products can be adapted to interior walls and ceilings.

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