Curtains and Japanese panels

Our digital printing system enables us to print on a range of materials with a variety of thicknesses. Interior design products with multiple possibilities, we offer curtains and japanese panels, made to measure on materials from veils to shutters. These products aim to decorate any space as well as contribute to its warmth and comfort.

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As an interior design product, headboards bring the final touch to the creation of a bedroom set up. They can be the most important element in the room. Thanks to our digital printing techniques and range of materials, we can provide any decorative solution for your headboard.

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Cushion and fabrics

Our expertise in artwork reproduction and high quality printing of images and photos onto fabric allows us to create customised, made to measure bed heads, throws and cushions.

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Object creation and customization

Our material design atelier can assist you in the creation of objects for small furnishings projects such as :
- Chairs and sofas - with upholstery knowledge relating to the fitting of the printed covers created by Muzeo
- Furniture - Artistic direction for the installation of stickers, pictures, gilding and collages
- Sculptures and mobiles - the creation of decorative design objects such as lamp bases, the shaping of materials to fit a mobile or sculpture.

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Lamp shades and light suspensions

Our range of light fixtures, including lamp shades, brackets and suspensions will bring nuances of light to any space. The choice of customisation is only as limited as your imagination. We offer a large range of case and structure shapes and dimensions, including the unusual to fulfill any need. The personalisation extends to the choice of placement or cropping of the image both on the inside and outside of the lampshade.

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Acoustic decoration

Controlling noise is an increasing concern in the hospitality and tertiary industries. Muzeo proposes decorative acoustic solutions. Our M1 printed acoustic canvas, overlaid onto air and sound trapping foam, is available in all sizes. Made to measure, it absorbs unwanted noise whilst creating a unique piece of interior design. It can be customised with images, photos, reproductions and original artworks in any format.