Dedicated solutions for each and every project.

Lampshades and lights

Cylindrical, conical & square, printed inside and out

Framed artwork

Stretched canvas, glass frame, double glass frame, Print on aluminum, Photography laminated on aluminum, Printed Plexi, Plexi collage, Print on wood, Mirror and glass, Framed TV, Framing

3D artwork

Sculpture, custom objects.


ABS on plexiglass, aluminium, forex, MDF, mirror, ABS, aluminium, sticker.

Wall decoration

Coated canvas, stretched on pvc, backlit canvas, soundproof and panels, light boxes and panels.


Coated canvas, stretched canvas on pvc, backlit canvas ceiling, soundproof ceiling and panels, light boxes and panels.

Confection and tapestry

Curtains, sheers, blinds, Japanese wall panels, cushions, carpeting and rugs, fabrics for furniture.

But also...

Room divider, backlit floors, decorative panels, stencils, elevator wall decoration, digital artwork and video projection, artwork sourcing, anamorphosis, sculpture and totem, object customisation and design.